Sunday, September 30, 2012

Of its own accord

It is hard to live with a mind,
a mind that thinks of its own accord.
It pauses when I tell it not to mind.
Then it rushes,snapping all the cords.

It is hard to live with a heart,
a heart that cries aloud.
It double-breathes when I tell it to keep low,
then bursts louder with the next blow.

It is hard to live with a soul,
a soul that looks from within.
It screams and I plead it to ignore.
It turns me in and pushes me out

It is hard to live with a parted heart,
a heart that is now one with another.
The longing hurts,dwarfs the distractions
Love sometimes proves truer than it seems


sajeevkmenon said...

Very nicely written!

Yashi Srivastava said...

Beautiful. No other word fits in to describe your poem.

#an ardent lover of poetry.

KRIShna said...
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KRIShna said...

Thank you Sajeev and Yashi :)