Friday, April 05, 2013


An attempt to translate "Varuvaanillarumee" from "Manichitrathazhu"

Apologies to all lovers of this poem and the language Malayalam.

I have tried hard but fail before the fact that the beauty of a language can never be translated into another.

"Varuvaanillarumee" from the Malayalam movie "Manichitrathazhu is an amazing poem which has interpreted loneliness like none other I have read or heard.

I am lucky to know Malayalam and to at least partly understand the poet's classical creation.


I know there is no one to come my way
Yet I await a beloveds arrival
I know both would remain my imagination
yet I desire- the beloved and his arrival

 The Spring lost its way many times
to the branches of a Mango tree that never bloomed;
And then,for the abandoned one
the seasons changed,adorning it
with blossoms of the spring.

I know there is no one to come this abandoned path
yet everyday,I walk up to the gate
lay my eyes on the path,awaiting a beloveds arrival
I know both are my imaginations
yet I desire- the beloved and his arrival

There is no one with a promise to comeback
yet in hope I keep my door ajar
A beloved is to come my way
In vain I desire- the beloved and his arrival

Once when the time stood still
I heard footsteps at the gate
I felt like the moment had brought me the spring
the spring that would never maroon me 
When I eagerly ran up to look
into the long narrow path to the gate
Someone,who had mistakenly taken the path
was returning half way to me
On the path to me,he was returning halfway 


Varuvanillarumeng oru naalu mee vazhi-
-kkariyaam athennalumennum
Priyamulloralaro varuvanudennu njaan
Veruthe mohikkumallo
Ennum veruthe mohikkumallo

Palavattom pookalam vazhithetti poyitta-
-gorunalum pookkamangombil
athinayi mathramayoruneram rithumaari

Varuvanillarumee vijanamameevazhi-
-kkariyaam athennalumennum
padivaathilolam chennakalathavazhiyake
mizhipaaki nilkarundallo
mizhipaaki nilkarundallo
Priyamulloralaro varumennu njaanennum
Veruthe mohikkumallo

Varummennu chollippirinjupoyillarum
Ariyam athennalumennum
Pathivaayi njaanente padivathilenthino
Pakuthiye chaararullo
Priyamulloralaro varuvanudennu njaan
Veruthe mohikkumallo

Ninayatha nerathen padivaathilil oru
Padavinyasam kettapole
Varavaayalorunaalum piryiathen madhumasam
Oru mathra konduvannalo
Innu orumathra konduvannengo
Kothiyode odichennakalathavazhiyilekki-
-rukannum neetunna neram
vazhithetti vannaro pakuthikkuvachente
vazhiye thirichu pokunnu
ente vazhiye thirichupokunnu
ente vazhiye thirichupokunnu